eCaregivers Ambassador Program

Earn More. Grow Your Career.

Earn More

There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer or money you can make with the eCaregivers Ambassador program! Below is just an example of what your earnings could be, not a guarantee. Remember - you can refer all types of Care Providers AND Care Seekers, earning the same percentage on all!

Disclaimer: This example is based on a 52 week, 365 day year with no breaks accounted for. Calculations are based on 20% of eCaregivers fees for direct pay cases and 10% of eCaregivers fees for full service pay cases.

Ambassador Program

eCaregivers is proud to offer our Care Providers the opportunity to earn extra income and grow their careers with our one-of-a-kind referral program. The eCaregivers Ambassador Program allows you to easily refer family, friends, and professional contacts to our site and enjoy the rewards!

Who Can Be An eCaregivers Ambassador?

Any Care Provider who has joined the site, agreed to the terms & conditions, completed their identity check, and set up a Stripe account can become an eCaregivers ambassador. There is absolutely no cost to you to get started or continue in the program, and the program is optional – you can participate or not at your leisure.

How Does It Work?

Every Care Provider on our site is provided with an Ambassador code. Simply share your code with friends and family who are Care Providers or Care Seekers. Every time your code is used, that person’s account will be assigned to you and you are paid 10 – 20% (depending on the payment method selected by the Care Seeker) of the eCaregivers fee for every hour worked or billed through the eCaregivers platform. Payments are made directly to your Stripe account on a quarterly basis.